I am a Sales & Marketing Consultant & Transformational Coach…

During the course of 30 years in sales and marketing at management level in the corporate sector and as an independent consultant and small business owner, I’ve signed many multi-million dollar contracts and won numerous awards in sales achievement. 

Having worked with so many unique clients and ideas I believe I have perfected the process of turning passionate individuals into profitable entrepreneurs.

My Story…

Introducing the world’s first solar-powered calculator to the Australian marketplace.

I started out my career as PA to the MD of a German office equipment manufacturer, but secretarial work bored me to tears. Every chance I got I was out in the showroom playing around with the company’s newest cutting-edge electronic machines and gadgets, chatting away with passers-by and lunchtime walk-ins. 

Showroom sales began to soar and it didn’t go unnoticed. When I turned 21 the MD decided to take a giant leap of faith and promote me to the position of Regional Sales Manager. I was thrilled to be no longer driving a desk for a living. Instead I felt like Lady Muck flying around the countryside in a Fokker Friendship to visit dealers and their clients.

Back in the office it was a different story. I was the only woman in a windowless room full of stale male cologne and big egos banging on with blokey banter. Saleswise, the champion goal kicker was Darryl, the guy with the fancy schmancy Rolex and the drop-dead-gorgeous-woman-attracting-street-machine. He and his cronies tried everything to make my life a misery. It was no secret they wanted the boss’s pet project to fall flat on her pretty face. This made me all the more determined. Head down, bum up I started to pull ahead of Roger, then Rodney, then the almighty Darryl, and taking out the coveted monthly sales award. Not just once, but month after month.

And I didn’t just hit my targets, I was doubling and tripling my monthly sales quota. Before long I was rubbing shoulders with sporting icons, manning trade show booths and joining management in negotiating million dollar contracts with key account customers over long boozy lunches. After a while, as much as I enjoyed my job (and the Dom Perignon) I’d hit the proverbial glass ceiling. There was nowhere else for me to go. 

Dying for a new challenge I decided to branch out on my own and train as an insurance loss adjuster. I became the first female in the state of Victoria to join what was in those days strictly a “boys only” club.

I honed my investigative and interrogation techniques to such an extent that I earned myself a position on the top 10 panel of fire and general loss adjusters, working with multinational underwriters and their brokers. Through hard work and dedication I became a specialist in fraudulent fire and burglary claims. In the course of my work I attended court as police witness and my evidence led to many successful prosecutions. Over the years I had lots of interesting and unusual encounters with people in all walks of life, from criminals to celebrities in places as diverse as courtrooms, prisons and nudist camps.

I fell in love with being my own boss, having the freedom to set my own hours. I’d work long and hard and and then take off overseas for extended periods, travelling through UK, Europe, USA and Asia. I’d saved enough to purchase a sports coupé and buy my first home by the time I turned 25.

Subsequently I met the man who would become my husband. We married at the Candlelight Chapel on the Las Vegas strip in Nevada, USA, and we did the Hawaiin Honeymoon.

Then Everything Changed…

I found out what it was like to hit rock bottom, to have to start all over from scratch. Symptoms of postpartum depression and anxiety evasively took over my life following the birth of my second child. Almost overnight the strong and independent woman I knew became a train wreck and my life turned into a nightmare. It destroyed my marriage, ruined my career and left my future in tatters. For many years my time was spent raising two young children as the custodial parent, dealing with a difficult ex-spouse, contending with drawn-out legal proceedings, and coming to terms with bad decisions while battling my depressive disorder and trying to carve out a living for myself.

It got to the stage where I felt I had no other option but to sell my home in Melbourne, settle my debts, and relocate with my daughters to the Gold Coast. For five years I’d been travelling up and down the eastern seaboard as a property investment consultant. Everything had been set up for me to continue that work based in the Sunshine State. But by the time I cut through red tape and finally made the move, the housing market had bottomed out. My hopes and dreams for a brighter future were looking grim.

My hormonal depression continued to plague me but I was determined to stay strong in the midst of emotional pain and chaos and to master my inner demons. I went in search for new opportunities and over the past decade I have partnered with businesses big and small and generated multi-millions in revenue. I am a high-touch business coach-consultant who works with clients one-on-one because this is how my clients get the results they want. I help them develop plans and systems, seek out new opportunities with ideal prospects, connect with customers in a way that feels authentic and empowering and create long-term sustainable trust based relationships that engender loyalty, repeat business and quality referrals.

Nowadays I am dedicated to helping women with an entrepreneurial spirit move through their fears and self-doubts to create the rich and meaningful lives they’ve always wanted, without going through the maze of pitfalls and potholes that I did. My specialty is helping you to overcome your fear of selling and master the art of sales.

If you’re curious about whether together we could create some magic, I invite you to jump on the phone with me for a free strategy session.  

My precious loving daughters have grown into strong independent women who lead very happy and successful lives.