As a Successful Business Woman Looking for a Coach-Consultant…

You need someone who is willing to roll up their sleeves and get down and dirty in the trenches with you. I know from experience that life’s challenges present themselves at every stage, demanding us to be bigger and better.  We’re called to find our work life balance between taking care of ourselves, meeting our responsibilities and dreams, and taking care of others.

I’ve coached business owners at every stage of their lives, from starting up and gaining momentum, to seeking massive growth, and with exit strategies. I know what the challenges are and what it takes to get to the top of the tree. 

Are You Ready For A High Accountability Partnership to Grow Your Business?

Business Coaching and Consulting

I offer a unique blend of coaching and consulting services especially designed to help you create a high-income service-based business that serves you and your lifestyle as much as it serves your clients.  My programs deliver the systems, support and accountability you need to create real results!

Sales Solutions and Training

Are you passionate about your business? Lost when it comes to sales? Clam up when it comes to closing? Lose potential clients along the way? No idea what your sales strategy should look like?

I’ll teach you the skills you need to influence decisions for new and/or additional business. I’ll help you gain the personal insight that’s necessary to be able to proactively and consistently promote yourself and your services effectively with absolute authenticity so you act and feel confident in any situation.

With my support, you will…

❤  Identify gaps in your marketing that are losing you sales.
❤  Understand the sales process in a way that feels natural for you.
❤  Learn proven sales techniques to reach, close-down and follow-up sales.
❤  Develop a sales strategy unique to your business.

How would you like to…

Create an abundant, meaningful and exciting business you love that showcases your unique talents and gifts

I’ll help you build a solid foundation for your business and give you a winning game plan that reflects your true brilliance.

Master the art of negotiation so you have the skills to always orchestrate a win-win situation

I’ll teach you how to stay competitive and confidentially negotiate winning transactions based on the value you give. It’s always about value! Value is more important than fees.

Become recognised as a leader in your field whose services are in high demand

Learn how to stand out from the pack, differentiate yourself from your competition, and create a bigger following for your business without competing on price.

Create a healthy relationship with money so you never charge less than what you deserve

I’ll help you put a price tag on your unique skill set and teach you how to pitch your secret sauce to clients.


Whether you’re looking for some direction, planning, inspiration, or simply some relief, you’ll find it in a free strategy session.